I cannot access old backups, please help!

I formatted my laptop several months ago. I made a backup before this, and continued doing backups every month, however, I just recently found out that my external hard drive is only keeping the latest 6 backups and excluding the oldest ones. There are a lot of files that are no longer in my laptop and I am wondering whether during the backup process they got overwritten and it automatically deleted the files that should be there. For example, the Pictures folder is empty in my laptop, and because of this I cannot see any of my picture in the most recent backups. My goal is to find a way to access the backups made before I formatted my computer. I tried using the WD Hardware Software but the ´Retrieve´ tab is inactive. Please help!


I recommend you access the backup folder manually.

Go to the root of you drive and browse a folder called “WDSmarware.Swstor”. Your backed up files should be there.