I can use netflex but can' t access my network to watch stored avi files

I just purchased the wd tv live., i have a blu-ray cd that access the network and I can watch movie’s from the computer storage, when reading the wd live box it states play movies photos music from a usb drive ’ your network’ or the internet.

it does connect to my wireless network i can see netflex but when i goto videos it asked : 1) local storage : ‘no content source aailable’,    2) media server - no storage present  3) network share  : samba - no storage present  and nfs(?) no storage present.  

what am  doing wrong or not under standing, my videoo movies are stored on my external wd hard drive connect to the pc with all sharing on.  again I have a blu-ray that will conect without any problems…

  1.  You have to have a USB Disk attached to the WDTV to use that function.

  2.  You must be running a DLNA server (Windows 7 has it built in, all others require add-on software)

  3.  Samba:  Your PC and WDTV must be in the same Windows Workgroup; verify that.  – NFS – Mostly useful for Unix / Linux / Apple / NAS users, not so much windows.

How does your Bluray connect?  Is it via DLNA or SAMBA?

dlna, i just found if i add the wd hd 1gig to the back usb port it will recognize the drive and now am able to access the network windows xp…read that i needed a pw on the network so set it up and it seems to work…i do this useing ‘samba’

what is the dlna software ?..thanks for your help…

There’s lots of DLNA software.

Windows 7 has some built in via Windows Media Player components.

Then there’s also TVersity, Twonky, Vuze, etc. etc.