I can turn off, but i can´t turn on again

Hi, i´m the owner of the WD mini TV.

My problem is that after im done watching a video or listening to music, i turn off the mini. Then i can not turn it on again thru the remote. What i have to do is to disconnect (un plug) from the power source, and then plug it in again.

After too many “tries” i discover that, if before turning off, if “eject” the drive, then i DO can turn on the mini thru the remote.

It this normal? :dizzy_face:

on mine, I use a WD elements external hardrive and it takes a while to turn on because it waits for the USB device to be ready before turning on.

Check if it takes a while to start using the remote when attached to a USB device, it may be starting up the usb device prior to turn on

That’s because it may be waiting for the external in order to index the movie files on the drive. 

fer1805, you need to know that by turning the Mini off before ejecting the drive can cause corruption of the drive’s files or partition.  So, you might want to make it a habit to eject first before turning the device off.

Thank you very much!:wink: