I can see my data in the program but can't get it back

I reinstalled windows twice and I can see both sets of backups from both installations. One is in grey and is 337 Gb, and the previous one is in dark blue and is 119 Gb.

When i click on the restore tab I only have the option to restore 3 Gb of data.

Ideally I would like both the grey (337 Gb) and selected files from the dark blue (119 Gb) sets of data restored.

Thanks in advance. WD backup.jpg

Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

When you see additional files, this can be because the files on that category have not been added with the backup software or sometimes with a different or older version of the software. If you want to switch to another backup plan, go to retrieve and then you can go to select a backup volume, this way you can get to the other backups.