I Can not play ANY files!

I can not play any plays on a 80 gig 2.5" drive thru the usb port on the WD TiV Live.

Alll I get is the spinning wheel (circle).

The folder appear on the screen and I can select a vide file (avi or mp4). but all that happens is that the WD TV  Live screen starts showing a spinning circle.

The 80 gig drive is formatted on my Mac as HFS Extended w/o Journaling.

any ideas??


have you tried turning off Media Library on the wdtv live?

If you get the spinning wheel forever, it’s probably because you tried to play some defective / corrupted file or some unexpected content (e.g. an URL inside a playlist for me triggers this). Turning the device off and then on again won’t help because it only puts the device in sleep mode. You have to either reset it or unplug / replug it to force a reboot, and it will work again. However you’d better identify the problem file. WD could also fix this bug…