I can no longer see my WD TV Live Streaming Player in Windows Explorer using WIndows 8

Since I bought it, I’ve been able to see my player under Network in Windows Explorer, but as of today I can’t.  I’m connected via WD TV Livewire Powerline and when I run a network test on the player I get 3 green checks indicating my network connection is fine, but I can’t see the player to transfer movies from my desktop etc.

FYI I rebooted a couple times, blocked and allowed the player in Media Streaming, deleted the player from the Media Streaming list under Advanced Sharing Settings etc. and no luck.  By the way, I can see the player under Media Devices in Windows Explorer and I can also access the player by entering it’s IP address in Chrome, but I can’t access it under Network to transfer or delete any media from it.  :(

Any thoughts, tips or tricks will be greatly appreciated. 

Quite a few people have reported this problem with Win 8.  I use Win 7, so haven’t a clue what the problem is, so explore the forum for some answers.  My best guess is that in their infinite wisdom, MS changed the way Windows shares stuff, or perhaps Win 8 bunged it up on a previous Win 7 machine.

I am beginning to think Win 8 is a remake of Vista, and will wait to use Win 8 until SP 1.