I can no longer connect to My Book Live 3TB Wireless Hard drive

I have had my hard drinve for about 2 weeks and have backed up my macbook on it through timemachine. A few days ago it just stopped working! When i try and connect to the My Book Live public alias i was met by an error message asking if i wanted to fix the alias which would not work. Today if i try and open the public alias folder or the My Book Live Icon which would usually take me onto the internet through an IP address it says it cannot connect to the server. I have wireless internet connection and i dont have any other problems with any other programmes.

Is this a common problem, im hoping it is easy to fix?

Is it possible that the drive changed network addresses? The links that the WD Software creates on your desktop are based on IP address and if for some reason your drive restarts and gets a new IP address then these links will break.

To “find” your drive on the network, I’d suggest downloading the “MY New View” application from WD.

You can access the software at this link: http://setup.wd2go.com/?mod=download&device=mbl&language=en-US 

Just look for “My Net View” - that will scan your network for devices and you should be able to find your device. The other approach would be to download from the same link the “WD Link” application and it should “discover” your device and give you the ability to create new mapped drives or desktop shortcuts.

hope that helps.

Many thanks for your reply, i have followed your link but cannot see a download option for “MY new view” or “MY net view” only for “quick view” is this the correct one or am i lookin gin the wrong place?

I have just realised that if i follow the link and i change the drop down from Mac OSX to a Windows option then the “My net view” does appear. I am using a Mac though so cannot select this option.

Well then that is a problem, essentially what I’m trying to help you do is validate the network address of the NAS device. I’m not sure what you use on the Mac but on Windows there are multiple pieces of software that will go out and “discover” the NAS device on the network. That is what I was trying to have you do to validate the network IP address.

Another way to do that is through your router you should have some way to list all of the DHCP clients on your network and then you should be able to see the WD device listed there with it’s IP address.

Once you have the IP address try connecting to it with that IP address.