I can get Pictures and Music from PS3, but no Video

The title pretty much says it all.  For some reason, my PS3 will only recognize the Photos and Music I placed on my MBWEII.  I can’t get any Videos to show up.  Anyone have this happen?  Any solutions?


Did you ever resolved this issue?

I am having the same problem…I am not too tech savvy and I am getting really PO’ed about this! I too can’t not play videos/movies from my 1TB WD MYBOOK! I have it hooked up to my network so I can use my PS3 or// WD media players to watch movies, listen to music, etc… The music and pictures work fine on all devices attached to the network, but videos/movies do not. I had bought this MYBOOK so I could download movies and music > store them on a common network HDD > watch/listen to them on any TV in the house using my PS3 or WD media players (without streaming media from my PC)…ITS NOT WORKING OUT AS I THOUGHT! <<<Remember…I’m no to Tech Savvy!.. I have tried to use a USB-A to USB-A to link it to my PC…MY PC doesn’t see it? I have read that it has to do with the MYBOOK is formatted to NTFS format not a FAT32 format…so your media players and and PS3 don’t see it??? Should I have it formatted to a FAT32 format…AT this point I JUST WANT IT TO WORK…PLEASE HELP!!!

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

I have recently replaced a WDMBWE and while I could stream video to a variety of media players (Sony NMP100/Medion/Twonky Mobile Android APP) straight out of box the last time, this time I had to play around with settings in the Twonky software pre-installed on the MBWE. Can’t honestly remember what I finished up doing but was around selecting the more specific model of media player from drop down list and selecting file structures and permissions as to what to allow to play back from public folders. Anyway with a bit of tweeking it works fine now (providing video formats are ones that media players will accept over network)