I bricked it

I tried to reformat a my book duo as xfs because I want to use it on linux. In retrospect, I should have just installed ntfs on the linux box. Currently the external drive acts dead. Is there some way I can restore the original condition or reformat from this bogus state?

You can use Gparted to reformat your drive. If Gparted is not install then manually install it. Or in the terminal, use fdisk command if you know how.

Thanks for the hint. With a bit of experimentation I got it working.

1446 fdisk /dev/sdc
1448 mkfs.xfs -f /dev/sdc1
1454 mount /dev/sdc1 xxxx

Glad to hear… great job.

Something is still goofy. This is supposed to be a 12TB my duo external.
after all my flailing about, I got it to mount, but df shows it to be only
2TB. Is there something I can do to get the other 10TB available, or have I
trashed it?

/dev/sdc1 2.0T 34M 2.0T 1% /root/xxxx

Have you try to use WD drive Utility to reformat the My book duo? Use the software to recreate your RAID 0 then you can use Linux to format the partition on as XFS, see if it help.

When I open the WD drive utility and try erase it says “attach a supported
WD drive”. I can’t cancel or back out to the first screen. I had the device
plugged in but it doesn’t mount (because I’ve goofed up the filesystem).

Eventually it timed out or my unplugging/replugging woke it up and it went
back to the initial menu display. At the top of the screen it correctly
identifies the type and size (my duo 10.92TB). and the serial number when I
roll over the icon, etc.

I selected RAID management and status is listed as healthy , drive 1 and 2
status online, etc, then after a while it goes back to “attach a supported
WD drive”.

I fiddled around some more, plugging and unplugging, eventually the menu
came back and I chose erase and got it to start, then “attach etc.” showed
up again and eventually an error popped up “There has been an error erasing
your drive”.

I openned the device manager and it had “WD Drive Management devices” in
the list at the bottom, with “WD SES Device” as a child element.

If I close the utility program and open it again, it opens up on the
“attach a supported device” message.

So it seems I can’t really do anything with the WD drive utility. Anything
else I can try?

Uhm, the only thing left is try different usb port on your system or try that on another Mac. If those case can’t help then call customer support to RMA the unit back if it is still under warranty. That is the best I can help you out. If you have a Thunderbolt cable. You can give that a try too. But remember, I know WD drive Ultility does not support the configure the drive from the Thunberbolt port. Best of luck…

Could my same problem: Attach a supported WD drive.
be a result of my recent upgrade of MacBook OSX?