I bought a new 8TB Home Cloud st SharfDG IBN Batuta Mall and it is already registered by somebody else


I just bought a brand new 8TB My Cloud Home and upon looking up network for device, device already belongs to somebody else. Did SharafDG just sold me a used device? I can’t access the drive as it says I need to request permission from the owner. What should I do? Does that mean that the device is not secure? How come it is already registered to somebody else?


This indicates you likely bought a returned unit that was regestered. It is a matter between you and the seller!


@Kimdxb2008 perform a system erase on the My Cloud Home using the pin in the rear of the unit.


How can u system erase when u can’t access the device? It says I need permission.


Sorry I didn’t understand that you meant I have to push the erase button behind the device. That is an option but I don’t want to do that as I just bought it. I’d rather have it replaced. Too bad this device is always out of stock here in Dubai. Thanks for all info.