I asked similar question 02/18/2015 - Still having same problem

My External Hard drive will not fully scan.  An error messages comes up and prompts me to run a scan but it will never finish the scan.  The issue has gotten much worse because when I save pictures, some of them will show up and other just show as the picture icon…there is information for these pictures but they will not load.  I am not sure how to get this fixed.  I need this hard drive to work.  If I have to buy another drive and transfer everything that is fine but I do not want to transfore everything (including the errors!).  Please there has to be something out there that will complete a scan.  It is a Western Digital 1 TB…I had to change the cover so I cannot read the name but this is the information in the drive window…

External Drive WDC - WD10  Eavs 00D7B1

All i want it is repaired/scanned so it will start working right again.  

Intel Pentium CPU G3220T  @ 2.60 GHz


64 Bit

Windows 8.1




As a recommendation, contact WD Support directly for this case.

WD Contact info: