I am using My Cloud, can find IP address in PC, but cannot login to Dashboard

I try to connect to * Windows: http://wdmycloud/, but no response, what can I do? I have upgrade to OS5 and this makes me very annoying.


Is your My Cloud connected to your network? What is showing under File Explorer>Network?

I can see WDMyCloud under storage in File Explorer, but not seen in Network. they connect to the same WIFI network


Look at the image below for my WDMYCLOUD OS5. This is what I see when I click on Network. If I click on WDMYCLOUDTWO under computers, I see my shares. Under Media Devices if I click on it there it opens up Twonky. I have Twonky installed, and I use it.
If I click on the device under Storage, it opens the Dashboard.

When I click on the drop-down menu icon, I can see my shares.

If I want to connect online I use mycloud.com .

Click on, tap, or activate image to enlarge it.

i think i make a mistake when I upgrade to OS5, I did not type my old password during upgrade and now i have my OS5 account but nothing upload from old account. So, I can find IP address but not connected to WDMycloud.