I am starting to see why

People are getting frustrated with this device! I just bought a WD Live Plus package and am trying to move towards cutting the cable. I had some lag issues so I also bought a WD router 300+450. But guess what?!?! The WD Live Plus won’t work on the 5 GHZ side!!! You know the one that the WD manual for the router recommends that you run media device one! Oh, except the WD device I bought won’t work with that side of the router. Quality guys quality, **bleep**. This is ■■■■ poor. Now I’m 200 bucks deep into this just to find out you guys jipped us on the device my not making it 5GHZ compatible. If I have any more issues this thing and the router is getting shipped back cause this is just getting ridiculous. Really? The WD router manual recommends the 5GHZ side for media but doesn’t incorporate that into the WD Live Plus product!!!

phishintrip007 wrote:

 just bought a WD Live Plus package

Well, you are in the wrong forum then.  This forum is for the WDTV Live (Gen3) not the Plus.

The Plus forum is here: http://community.wdc.com/t5/WD-TV-Live-Live-Plus-Media/ct-p/wdtvlive

 I read on this forum. It didn’t take very long of searching to find out my new box doesn’t support 5GHz. Apparently, it says this in the manual. Guess I didn’t read the manual that came with the box before buying the box? This is really crappy that WD would screw us over by not making the thing 5GHz compatible.

What are you talking about??  The Plus most certainly DOES support 5Ghz if your adapter does.

What WD player do you have. You say that you have a plus but this player requires an external WiFi adaptor. Its the live streaming player that has a built in WiFi.