I am looking for a 1TB Image for my WD My Cloud


i want to install a new Harddisk.
I have a other NAS with a 2TB HDD, but now i want to install on a new Case without a HDD.
And i am looking for the Image what can i copy to the “backup” MyCloud 1TB Case.

it is a single hdd case in white with Firmware-Version : 2.30.193

Hi Gerald-68,

My cloud drive is available in one bay case and pre-installed with the minimum 2TB Hard disk. However you cannot purchase a single case of 1TB My cloud drive with HDD but you can purchase the case of MY Cloud EX2 Ultra, My cloud Mirror etc and these are the 2-bay drives and you can purchase them without HDD.

Visit to: (https://www.wdc.com/en-um/) website or you can contact to WD Online store as well to get more specific resolution for this issue.