I am having problem updating to the new software

Hi, I have be doing my back up on my 2TB MyBook for some time now, I recently wipe my primary hard drive because windows 10 was having some problem. I went back to windows 7 so I had to install my software for MyBook eternal drive, and when I did and try to install it I get an error massage that said, “A reboot pending has been detected. Reboot and try the action”. I would like to restore my main hard drive to all of the files I had but they are on my 2TB MyBook eternal drive, thank you for your reply.

Hello and welcome to the WD community.

Try to remove the software and then reinstall it to see if you get the same problems again.

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Okay I will do that, thank you.

Thank you so much, I was almost pulling out my hair trying to get to my files but when I went to try to get my files to put them back on my primary hard drive I didn’t see no files to recover. I hope that I didn’t lose my old files but if I don’t see none I might have lost them, I don’t see how.

Also when I go to My Book to look at the files I click on some numbers and it show that I don’t have anything in them, could I have lost my files some how?