I am having a problem outplay with my WD passport drives

I have two WD hard disks, which are both my Passport. Also, I have another WD, which is element’

The WD my passport hard disks contain folders and files(such as setup files for Smartware and manuals) came inside them from the factory. However, WD elements doesn’t contain.

I have installed a program which came only inside the hard disk’WD my passport’, but not WD element. That program is ‘WD smartware’, which is used to make a backup automatically, erase the hard disk and let me see view quick of drives and other tasks.   Whenever I connected the drives, I saw this message below:(This file doesn’t have a program associated with it performing this action)

2013-03-01 000000.png

However, when I connected another hard disk drive, which is from same company ‘WD elements’, I didn’t see such a message. However, I see that the hard disk opens automatically with some options.

Why does the WD elements hard disk opens automatically with above options  whenever I connect it. However, the WD my passport don’t and I only see the error message of associations.

Moreover, when I erase the hard disk with WD Software associated with the WD my passport hard disks to make an automatic backup and other tasks. Then, I disconnected and  reconnected the hard disk to my computer, I saw that this above windows contains options was shown

N.B.: I have made a copy of these files to my internal hard disk before erasing the hard disk during WD Smarter which I installed from hard disk.

However, when I return again and put a copy of the files(files heightened in this screensho) coming from the factory in the hard disk. Then whenever I connect my hard disk, I see this error(This file doesn’t have a program associated with it performing this action). Also, when I delete them, I saw the outplay opens well.

2013-03-01 000000.png

So, I think that the problem is in the files associated with the WD my passports had disks

Also, I made sure that I installed ‘WD SES’ which is used to enhance the deal with the WD my passport hard disks. ‘WD SES DEvices’, which is under the category ‘WD drive management  devices’ in the device manager, is installed. However, there isn’t WD SES Device’ for WD elements hard disk.

The one you see everytime you connect  the elements is the auto play. Try reformating the passport, make sure you back up your files first.


Thanks a lot,

I don’t have any problem with the WD elements, however, the problem with WD my passports

Also, as I said, when I earsed the my pssports dirves with smartware, I didn’t see that error. and I saw that the auto play opens. However, when I put the files agian, I saw the  error. Also, when I deleted them, I didn’t see the error.

Could anyone at this splendid forum please reply me?

I was seeing the auto play whenever I connected my WD my passport hard disks; however, after I have recovered my windows system from the factory disks, I no longer saw the auto play whenever connected my hard disks, although I installed the smartware.

I don’t have any problem with WD elements at all

Why should only I format WD my passport, although they are preformatted with NTFS?

Could anyone please at this splendied forum take some time out to reply me?

I’ve found out recently that :
While I connect my passport hard disk, I see these two auto play windows open. Sometimes, I found the options of auto play are inactive, after a little while the error association shows me. Other times, I see that the options are active and when I click on one option of the auto play, I see that the option executes

Moreover, Although I have reformated my drive, and then I returned to put the files come with it, sometimes I keep seeing this error