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Been looking into this and: It appears to have something to do with back up,
So, have you been doing anything with the backup features of the device?
Have you tinkered to try and use WD Sync?
The backup area is where I saw info in the KB about syncing folders and such

I installed WD Sync as part of my initial set up, its also the first thing I uninstalled but as I’m still backing up I haven’t restarted yet intended to post if it didn’t come up when I did.

Another clue it has something to do with backups.

Check out this WD Software forum and post a msg about WD Sync if necessary to get some help.

I haven’t seen it since uninstalling WD sync so it must have been that.

Good job!

Have you bought Asus AC68U yet? I’m pretty sure if you did, it would significantly help solving your problem. From the speed that you mentioned above, your old router might only have wireless G or wireless N at a distance far enough to slow it down. If you are buying that router, make sure you have adapter that supports it as well.

Did so but wont have time to install/set up till next week. 9 day’s on leaving at 4 and getting back an hour before I go to bed then 5 off. I think I’m meant to contact a lvl 2 tech support but I just can’t be bothered they only seem to make things worse and I simply don’t have the time to deal with it for the next week and a bit.

So you have bought it. That’s good, don’t bother contacting. I think the router will help solving the problem. But what device did you use to access it? Does it have good adapter?

Access the router or the external hard drive?