I also need help with smartware

Hello, I would like to have some help with re-installing smartware and hiding vcd for my MyBook. (I deleted all smartware files and -dir’s earlier) I followed the instructions as stated in Topic : I need help on my WD smartware ( from cheetoz on friday) to install smartware again. But then; as I would hide VCD I received a massage that it could not find a smartware drive? And  I do not know how to go on. Can anybody help?

I inserted a screendump in which you can see:

1: in which step I am in the procedure,

2: which file i am using (unzipped),

3 : the received message

4: the contents of the MyBook drive

5: In the below right corner you can see the smartdrive massage, so the software is installed I think

Who can help me?

  scrndmp smartware.jpg

A bit confuse with your post. You want to reinstall Smartware and hide the VCD as well?

If you want to have Smartware then you’ll need the VCD for it to run, if you don’t want Smartware on your computer then you can proceed to hide the VCD.

Since you been having problems hiding the VCD you can try updating the drives firmware and then hiding the VCD.

Please try the steps on this article :

How to Remove Disable Smartware Virtual CD

Can imagine your confusion: i would like to have smartware on the HDD again, but only use it when it suits me. It simply takes to much of my computers resources so that it is not pleasant working in other programs while smartware is runniung. I thought i needed smartware for backing up files with long filenames.

Now i am trying another bachup/sync program, which seems to do the job fine. I can use my computer with no effects on other programs, and I can set an automated job to let it make a backup when I log out or stop my computer , which is fine for me. I will focus on testing this programme first, and if it does what it claims I will probably buy it.

Thanks for your quick reply, much appreciated!