I accidently delete file


I accidently delete ./var/www/xml/app_info file. I replaced it with an empty file and  now it is empty (0 Byte).

Because of that i can not add any app.

When I clicked the add app button i get this window


Please help me  Can someone ssh or winscp and give me content of this file may be file itself  or tell me how to add all apps again to add app menu.

Sorry for my bad english.

please help me

Apps are a great way to bring in additional capabilities to your WD My Cloud EX4. WD recommends you fully understand the nature of any app before installing or managing it.
No available Apps.

Just reboot. I believe that should fix it as I know the whole /var/www directory tree gets recreated on reboot.

Thanks for the reply. After the reboot everything is fine