I accidentally bought the 6TB Cloud/Book pair!

I accidentally checked the boxing day price on the 6TB My Cloud and My Book once again at Best Buy and they were $299.99 and $249.99 respectively. Of course as I was browsing, they ended up in the cart and after updating my outdated mastercard info, I accidentally clicked on checkout… and the next thing I knew… I had a confirmation email that they would be arriving December 29th; all without having me to rush over to BestBuy on boxing day at 6AM to wait in line.

After owning three Clouds it was starting to get annoying that my data was scattered across 3 clouds, so with a firm decisive click, I decided to consolidate all my data and sell all my 4tb clouds which would probably recover the cost. Simplification was the reason that I bought the 4tb cloud two years ago; two bookshelf units that sips power at 5Watts when sleeping. No more wishy washy decisions of should I or shouldn’t I? :stuck_out_tongue:

Since I spent $600, I thought I would go for the kill. I ended up checking up on the price of the MacBook 12" retina which I had been needing for a year now :stuck_out_tongue: and I had to create a new cart for that one since I would be saving a whopping $50 :stuck_out_tongue: and that is also arriving on December 29th.

I spent the wholeChristmas Eve night playing on my new yamaha DGX 650 Portable Grand which was also a desperately needed item when I accidentally wandered out to Tom Lee Music shop and the guy wrote my name on the box; he also said for today only I got a free piano bench worth $125; he saw me coming when I parked my car.

This is the problem of being a bachelor with a credit card on Christmas Eve :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember doing this when I was married; I ended up sleeping on the couch for a for a couple of weeks.

Have a Merry Buying holidays everyone…

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Not sure if this is the unit you bought.

no, I live in Canada and they don’t have that model in Canada :frowning: and because of our friendly nature our dollar is only worth .72 cents, thus if I bought the one that you have posted (making me feel real bad which is the intention of your post), I would have paid $326.38 in Canadian dollars plus I would have had to pay border tax of $39 and thus ending up paying $365.38 for the unit.

Anyways, up here in Canada, they call it the WD My Book Live Duo 6TB NAS :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been monitoring the price for well over a year now and the lowest was $270 on Black Friday and the average price was $329, thus $299.99 is the average of the two. By the time that I sell all 6 of my 4TB clouds and 4TB My Books, I would have paid substantially more of what I would have paid for it if I had bought it full price in the beginning.

ps. no this is not a photoshop screen shot. It is really a BestBuy naming error since they had it up. It is supposed to be named My Cloud 6TB and you can see the product code, I hope they don’t send me a Cloud Duo of 6TB. I don’t mind a Cloud Duo of 12TB with two red 6TB drives though.

So… my accidentally bought drives arrived by canada post… :slight_smile: and here they are… so now I get to play the game “Should I open them?” or “Should I not?” I cannot return them once they are opened… yup… no test runs… of course I could complain to best buy of how terrible they are, which they are :stuck_out_tongue: if I wish to return them after opening…

I have a new mac to play with so I’ll put off the decision of opening these till later. The problem of keeping this set of drives is that I will have to spend time selling the other ones. The other ones are actually doing very well but just the data is strewn across 6 drives and I’m the kind of guy that likes a everything in one place.

@Ralphael - That is most defiantly incorrect. Could you let me know where you saw that so we can contact them to get it corrected?

Nevermind - I saw you mentioned Best Buy lower in the post :slight_smile: – Found it:


They must have confused it with the actual My Book Live Duo (WDBVHT0060JCH) - which did have a 6 TB size.

Lets see how long that would take to correct; just saying :stuck_out_tongue:

So, anyways, after waiting for a year to buy these drives, I decided not to keep them. They have been returned and the money re-directed towards buying other toys!

So @Bill_S I’m still open for trading in my 4TB cloud and book for a pair of 6TB cloud and book for services rendered on this forum (after all you have two of my posts sticky on this forum)… if not… it’s ok… just thought I keep throwing it out there until one day it sticks :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy New Year… 2016!!

Already corrected :smile:

Now that is amazing… I just check, not that I didn’t believe you but you know how it is… I think the word is sceptical :stuck_out_tongue: but that is simply amazing that the 6TB cloud is now advertised as such.

Unfortunately I won’t be looking at that page anymore now that I have decided to not to buy the 6TB cloud anymore since I’ve already bought it once and returned it.

Now please do the same for the firmware… it would be really nice to see



attaching and recognizing foreign USB drives like the WD My Book

Exceptional UI

Date on iPhone photos

I feel bad for making fun of you Great_Scott… I am sorry.

Do keep up the good work @Great_Scottt

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