I accedently erase my drive with wd smatware .. pls help


i accedently erase my hdd (my passport) 1 T

from  setting > drive set up > erase drive

how can i retrieve my data again??

can i retrieve it or not ?

i use 3 data recovery software & the data still exist but how can i recover paths of the directory , directory structure , and the clusters for each specific file ??

i recover large files with unknown data only 

wats the solution ???

Try reinstalling the wd smartware software to see if the settings return. Here is a link for the download.


i mean that i erase my data with the wd smartware not erase the wd smartware itself

i accedently done that by the wd smartware from erase my drive boton in the drive set up

do u understand me ???

i need my data back

any one can help me ???

which program may be useful ??

i use 3 programs but they restore large file with unknown format

how can i found the directory structure & the original location of the files ??