HUS724040ALA640 fails to REMAP, strange behavior

Being unable to RMA at this time, i have a problem to force drive to remap particular LBAs, by using Victoria 4.47.
18:04:32 : LBA 1188560142 try REMAP… Error
18:04:38 : LBA 1188562959 try REMAP… Error
In order not to wipe all the disk, it is needed to fill these blocks with zeros, so firmware should do it.
Any attepmts to erase it or write anything to these two cannot be done, at first they reported ABRT in Victoria, now just permanent error.
I have performed a surface scan, reached LBA 3471722511(44%) of 7814037167 for now, and got no other quirks.
At an instant by the day the C5 Current pending grown to 48, now reached 98 and 05 got 18 remaps.
08 Seek time performance became 26, more than the 20 as a threshold value.
I have three of same type drives in software RAID under windows 8, 7524 hrs. They are still young to die :slight_smile:

May be there are another piece of software to handle this, except the chkdsk, and i am not sure that chkdsk will tag them as bad by the scan.

better backup the disk(s) and then run CHKDSK /R and see if there are any bad blocks

Well, all that are gone far more unprecedented now.
Anyway badblocks or unstable ones should be wiped by WinDHT, chkdsk or else will fail if data present, so no option, vendor specific io commands and crude interface, thats it.
Before wipe, the backup you say, yes, i did that by software that reads files from CDROMs with retry/skip option, in old days such were in abundance, and i have to say no badblocks found, and unstables are even more now.
WinDHT reported READ ELEMENT FAIL, the drive were still living for some week and degraded even more and occasionally hang the IO in windows.
Conclusion - DIED due to poor mounting that caused complex vibrations, within array of six drives.
Commentary on vendor claim of “vibration safety”, have to face that increased MTBF value and actual retail price are the options of mindful attention, for sure

And yes
there are NO RMA in certain countries including Russian Federation for HGST products