Hung up on user/pass to access files on XP PC

I’m almost able to access files on my XP PC from TVLive, but I’m hung up on the last step. I can see the computer name under Videos. It asks for a user/pass, but won’t accept the one I set up under User Accounts. Error: Unable to connect to the selected source. Make sure the selected source is active and available for file sharing.

To add insult to injury, it took me 2 minutes to set up VLC Streamer, which allows access to my PC through the network from my iPad.  It works flawlessly.

I have Windows XP, a wireless network, and WDTVLIVE.

Network Setup Wizard:

  • Choose “Computer connects to Internet through gateway or another computer”. (It connects to a router, then the modem to the Internet.)
  • Def workgroup name is: MSHOME
  • Turn on file and printer sharing

User Accounts

  • Created a new account with complete access (I’ll change it once it’s working) called WDTVLIVE
  • Gave it a password

Shared folder

  • made a shared sub-folder on C.
  • I got the following message, which makes me think things are good: “Windows Firewall is configured to allow this folder to be shared with other computers on the network.”

On WD:

  • Check connection is good.
  • Changed default workgroup to MSHOME
  • I can access Netflix.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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What if you share the folder again, and give read permissions to the exact user called “Everyone”?

I don’t have an option to make a folder available to “everyone”. It’s shared for the network.

I don’t think that the folder itself is the problem since I can’t see C. I get as far as seeing the computer name, then need a user/password. I put in a User Account with full access to everything, but the box just hangs when I type it in.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Now I see what you’re referring to, Pizza.

Tech support had me go into Safe Mode and give folder privs to Everyone, Admin, and Anonymous.

Ta dah, I could access the files!

Unfortunately, once I rebooted into Normal mode, I can’t connect again.

Any suggestions about what to try now- aside from going through every startup, config, etc option individually?


Extra Note: I’m running XP Home, so I can only access the “security” tab in Safe mode.

Hey dude, unless something is not good on your computer then Windows --should-- remember those specific folder permissions o.o

What if you try the exact same configuration while on normal mode?

Just got off the phone with tech support. Total time on hold and talking to tech support today: 3 3/4 hours

i’ve been told the problem is with my computer because:

Run \computername opens a window showing my printer and shared folders. When I try to open a shared folder, I get an error: “not accessible. You might not have permissions to use this network resorce.”

I can access the shared files in Safe Mode, but not in Normal or Diagnostic mode.

Any suggestions?