Humax PVR to Router to MBL?

Have been reading several of the posts and my eyes popped out when i saw that i might be able to transfer recorded TV files to my MyBookLive, has anybody tried this.

My Humax PVR has an Ethernet socket through which i get BBC iPlayer and Red Button stuff playing on the TV (via my router)

At the moment i can save TV Files recorded on my Humax to a USB memory stick which i can then convert to DVD video on my Lap Top.

I have now thought that i MIGHT be able to send recorded TV Files to my MBL through the Enthernet cable.

Does anyone know if this can in fact happen or should i keep mt mind off of such stoopid ideas LOL

Unless your PVR can recognize external media from the Ethernet port then it’s not going to work.

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thanks for the reply buddy, i have only recently realised that plugging a memory stick into my PVR was initially fraught with problems until i read the manual LOL. it had to be formatted FAT32  

so of course no way can my book live be fat32.