Humax HDR-Fox T2 .ts files won't play

You’re welcome.

This seems to be similar to the .mkv header compression issue.

The WDTV thought it should be able to play it, and then when it started reading the stream, it got all confused and then refused to play anything – just like with the compressed headers in .mkv.

I suppose WD could change the firmware… not to get it to play something it can’t, but so that if it encounters an encrypted .ts stream, it gives you a message that the file is not playable, and the player remains usable for other media files without needing to be reset.  I wouldn’t count on this being a high-priority bugfix, tho.

So you’re playing home-made blu-ray contents (BDAV)… I don’t see why you burn a blu-ray, cuase the video bitrate  is 2mbps only- why don’t you burn a DVD?

Anyway, you can try this blu-ray ripper , load your BDAV folder, and choose Common video>> H.264 MP4 video. 

This is tiral of shareware, and creates a pavtube logo on the screen. Try it and make sure it works before you buy.