Hulu won't display over component connection?

Hi, I just bought a WD TV Live Plus earlier tonight and am hooking it up now.  Everything seems to be working ok except for Hulu.  I am using a component connection as my living room TV is old and does not have HDMI.  When I click on the Hulu app I get these scrolling lines on the screen and it is doesn’t work.  If I connect the WD using a composite connection instead it shows up fine.  Of course the composite connection doesn’t look very good.  Am I missing something, any reason why Hulu wouldn’t work over component connection?

I wonder if Hulu is using Macrovision-type protection and your TV is getting confused by it?

When I initially hooked up the WD via component I got the same type of distorted scrolling screen. I had to connect it via composite and change the output to 1080i and then it worked fine via component. Netflix works fine but not Hulu. I am guessing it is some kind of DRM thing because I have read that is why all companies push HDMI. I haven’t seen anyone else reporting the same problem, I would think it would be common for anyone else using component and Hulu.