Hulu Plus

I had to turn my internet off due to losing my job. now that I am working again i have it back on. I somehow lost my Hulu Plus. I have the My Passport. Can someone help me with getting this back. I paid for a year and really enjoy it. I had a hard time getting to this sight as my computer knowledge ain’t the greatest. Feel free to E-Mail me a link or tell me how to get it back. my address is Thank You

TimLund wrote:

I have the My Passport. 

You have the what?    Maybe I misunderstand, but what does a USB disk have to do with Hulu Plus?

…and when you say you “lost Hulu Plus,” what do you mean lost it?   It’s not showing up in the menus anymore, or you can’t connect?

I Cannot excess Hulu Plus. When I go to the services on the home page and put enter these things show up : Cloudme, Facebook, MLB.TV, Netflix, Spotify, S|WSJ, and You Tube. It used to have Hulu Plus but it has disappeared. I want to get it back.  how do I do that? I have changed the DNS, Updated the newest firmware.  Please help as I mis Hulu Plus.

I am having the same issue. Huluplus on my wdtv live is gone.  any idea on how to get it back?