Hulu Plus freezing on WDTV, plays fine on laptop in the same room

I am trying to determine if my WDTV is faulty or if its a Hulu Plus app issue.  Sometimes I can play an entire episode on Hulu Plus just fine, other times it will freeze 2-3 times in an hour episode.  I have Hulu Plus on my Android phone, connected to the same WiFi router, in the same room and I do not have this issue.  I also do not have the issue using my laptop to watch Hulu Plus.

Does anyone have any suggestions to troubleshoot / test this out before I send my WDTV back?

Are the videos you in HD? 

If they are, have you tried using a wired connection?

Yes, the shows are in HD.  I have my WDTV Live Hub on a wired connection since its near the router.  The WDTV Live Streaming is in the bedroom 2 rooms away, I cannot run a wire to it.    Like I said, WiFi on my phone and laptop work fine in that room with Hulu Plus, inluding HD.

Yes, I do understand.  But there is a limitation on the SMP when trying to stream HD video.  I know for a fact that I don’t see this issue using a wired connection and I don’t know about Hulu, but streaming local HD video has the same issue using wifi.

This may not be the answer your looking for, but you may want to look at getting a power line adapter which should stop your freezing issue and keep you from haveing to run a CAT cable to your bedroom.

OK, I am having the same issues with my WDTV Live Hub connected via ethernet.  This **bleep**.  I am beginning to think its a poorly written app by Hulu, since I dont have this issue on my phone or laptop.   Do I contact WD tech support or Hulu about this issue?