Hulu Plus audio problem

I recently began using Hulu Plus on my WDTV Live.  I have the most recent firmware update.  I have set the audio for digital passthrough HDMI with auto detect.  I have tried multiple audio settings to no avail.  I have had no problem with audio in any other application or video playback from my hard drive.

To my knowledge I have not hit the mute button but have tried that as well.

Is this a common problem for Hulu users on the WDTV Live? Should I contact Hulu?

Do you have the WDTV connected to the TV or to a receiver?

The WDTV is connected directly to the TV with an HMI cable.  Not having a video problem.

Hey did you find a solution? I just got Hulu Plus with a new HDTV Live unit and zero audio. Same set up as you, direct HDMI to TV. All other audio from HD, Netflix, whatever works flawless. Def going to cancel Hulu Plus quick w/o a fix.


If your not using a HDMI cable then buy one and install it. Make sure it’s of good quality as well.  Hulu plus I find takes your signal and controls your box. You just can’t navigate in and out of this app like Netflix or Amazon. So Hulu plus is a puppy of a whole different sort. In any case check your cables intergrity though.

I want to add as well that I use a Roku box to watch Hulu and Netflix and only use my WD live TV for movie and video files. When WD live TV improves these apps, and adds more content,i will abandon my Roku box.