Hulu Plus app hangs

My post under formware got buried quick, so I figured I would repost here.

Is anyone else having trouble with the new Hulu Plus app? Mine momentarily hangs on occasion. The hangs only last for a few seconds but then the video continues on where it left off. Watching Hulu via a Playon media server does not do this, so it seems to be app-related. The other apps all stream just fine so it doesn’t seem an ISP thing either. Anyone else have this going on?

Yes I have this issue intermittently as well. Aslo I cannot seem to seach in HULU on WDTV Live Plus. I have to go on to computer and login and then add videos to my queue there before they show on WDTV

Yes, i’ve the same problem on Hulu Plus and MediaFly. On MediaFly sometime it hangs and go back to the top menu where you’ve to select “Internet Media” and start again. I’m pretty sure it’s not a network issue cuz Netflix works fine. I also have a Roku 2 with Hulu Plus running fine while the problem is happening on the WDLTV+.

I figure I would post a followup to this. I contacted Hulu about this. I have the setting to automatically adjust video quality setting set in my Hulu Plus account. However, it seems the WD TV app does not honor this, and only uses the highest HD setting by default. So I manually adjust the video quality setting in the video I am watching and the hanging no longer happens. It doesn’t explain why their highest setting claims it only needs 3mbps and my internet connection is usually averagin about 7-8 mbps down. However, lowering the HD setting does not have any noticeable quality effects on my TV, and it makes it not hang, so it works for me.