HULU no longer visible: EASY FIX!

I had issues a few months ago where I had to reset my player. When I reset… HULU app was no longer available. Reached out to wd but no cigar. They had me try to reset my location - which I had already tried on my own - but system was not having it. Received message that location could not be detected. This is what I did and I now have HULU back.

Keep in mind, my player was bought in the U.S.

  1. Reverted firmware to version1.04.12, when HULU is still visible in SERVICES

          Here’s the link for older firmware:,-wd-tv-live

  1. After installing and restarting player with old firmware… go to SERVICES and select HULU, once selected hit the options button on your remote and make it a favorite

  2. Go to main screen and confirm it is under your favorites

  3. Eject flash drive - if this is what you used to revert firmware - and turn off the media player, then turn on

  4. Once back on, you can install the newest firmware

  5. Once it cycles and main screen is up… you will have HULU under your favorites. However, you wil notice that it will not appear under SERVICES. But that’s okay as long as you leave it as a favorite it will remain on your player.

After doing this, I have had no issues with HULU. I’m just assuming here but if there were services in the past that are no longer available and you follow these steps for that app, you may be able to add as favorite as well.

Hope this helps!


Thank you for sharing this.