HULU Already

Been lurking a while,

Decided I’ve had enough, bought this because said Hulu was forth coming. I don’t care about them announcing anything

Just Get it done already!!!

Stop giving BS services meant for a 12 yr old, who would just get the same on their xbox or playstation.

And Get the Bleeping HULU service on here already.

It’s to the point where I am losing all interest in Western Digital products, will sell this on ebay and move on to the Rocka or whatever it is.   NOT INTERESTED in EXCUSES JUST RESULTS !!!


That told them. You sound like a person not to be messed with. Hey WD I would do as he says in case he gets really angry.


I can imagine frantic phonecalls, people rushing in to work the weekend…

All asking how did this happen, Lets get this done…NOW.

Must be troll/rude season, seem to have had a mini influx recently. :frowning:

WHAT! You can’t play HULU on your HUB?

I’ve been able to play HULU on mine since day one.   It’s a little thing called PlayOn media server, which I would suggest you check out if it is really that important to you to watch HULU.

Besides, it’s not HULU that is coming to the HUB anyway, but like all other media players including the Roku, it’s HULU Plus, which is limited in what it offers and you have to pay for every month.


The problem with WD is that they don’t understand their consumers and their needs.  WD needs to understand that consumers of the WD Live Hub seem more technically savvy and want to get the most out of their product.  Putting some BS games, a video clip service, or another paid movie app such as BS Block Buster app just doesn’t cut it.

I must say though the overall experience of the Hub has been good and I have enjoyed it, but WD can make the experience so much better.  How long does WD have to ■■■■ off their users before they switch to another product?

Wake up WD!!! Get rid of the bloat ware and listen to your user before you lose your clients move elsewhere.  I can buy a Roku for $100 and add a 2TB drive for $80, sounds like a no brainer to me.

I’m loyal to Netgear because the company listens to user needs and responds to the user needs within a couple firmware updates. Get you head out of your [delete] WD, there are alot of choices for media streamers on the market now. Your product will become obsolete soon if the product doesn’t evolve in the right direction, consumer needs, imagine that. :dizzy_face: