Huh ? where did the usb socket go on WD My Book Live Personal Cloud Storage 2 TB


After 4 years of loyal service my Mybook world edition 1Tb drive (blue rings) died, or rather I noticed that the disk was ticking. Powering off and on , same thing, no blue lights. I have had hdd go before like this. The head is trying to read a block, failing and retrying. disks wear out. It happens, no hard feelings.

It’s fine , as over the years I backed the MBW up to an external 1Tb drive, using the convenient usb drive and a linux cron script every night. so I have a backup of the MBW.

Now it looked to me that the closest replacement to my old MBW is WD My Book Live Personal Cloud Storage 2 TB, which usefully gives me more storage, faster network cpu etc, and the price is about the same.

I ordered it from amazon , but then later noticed it doesn’t appear to have an external usb socket !? What gives ? this was really useful as a way of backing up the NAS. belt AND braces.

I’m now torn. I have a perfectly good 1Tb USB drive which I was using to backup the MBW. I could cancel my order on amazon and get a MBW whitelight, but these look like they are old stock and have been discontinued, though it’s quite hard to figure out all of WD Mybook range i.e whats current and whats old.

I’m confident that I can plug the external disk into a laptop and copy the data to the new My Book Live over the network, but how will I back up the new My Book Live going forward ?

I guess I could get a NAS dongle, but I have large files on the MBW and I think many of these NAS dongles only support FAT32 (my usb drive is ext4)

Any oneelse having this dilema ?



The drive integrated backup software have an option that allows you to do a backup of your backup to any location of your network or to a USB drive connected to your computer.

More information below, page 88:

OK thanks. I’ll use that but I think simply having the usb socket was easier. It meant that I could backup the backup overnight without needing an extra computer left on, just running an rsync script from the MBWE. Total power consumption around 11 watts

well, my router has a USB port on it, perhaps yours does too and you could go directly that way, no pc needed.