Huge storage drive for desktop - that does not die ... EVER

a standalone (non-raid) drive for desktop computer, that:

  1. is meant to run 24/7 (excludes ALL your current desktop drives (blue, green and black drives))

  2. has 10+ years warranty at 24/7 online. (excludes all your current offerings)

  3. is huge 6TB+

optional, but also nice to have:

  1. is quiet and cool and does not vibrate at all… why would anyone put some vibrating and loud drive to their desktop? ideally everyone would use SSD, if they weren’t so small and expensive. Also as I imagine, cooler and less vibrating drives should have naturally longer lifespans.

  2. is affordable (Red price level would be nice)

What I am asking for is a storage drive, that lasts forever. I buy one… and need to buy next one when it’s full, not because previous one died horribly to crash or started having bad sectors.

ATM using WD Red, although it’s designed and otimized for NAS, not desktop. But it’s the closest thing in your lineup right now after Red Pro.

Why stop there? Why not have it make your breakfast for you too?