Huge problem with my book duo, please someone help!'

Long story short, all of a sudden my win 10 laptop gave me a blue screen while my 12 TB My Book Duo was attached. Nothing would fix it so I reinstalled the OS and my computer worked fine. Then I plugged my hard drive back in and my computer instantly gave me another blue screen! So I reinstalled my OS again but didn’t connect my HD again.

I have an enclosure that you can hook up hard drives to and connect it to you pc with a USB cord. So I pulled out 1 of the drive in my Duo to see if it would show up without giving my pc a blue screen. When I hooked up the drive it asked me to set the partition as either mbr or gpt. I couldn’t remember which one to select it to so I choose mbr, I then realized that it should’ve been gpt so I went into windows disk management and changed it…

Now it looks as if everything on my drive is gone!!! Nothing shows up at all. Is everything really gone or is there a way I can save my data?!?

Did you have a RAID setting on the My Book Duo?

No, both 6tb drives were ntfs