Huge problem! WD smartware, please need HELP!

Hi WD community, i have a problem with my WD smartware code (WDBAAD0010HBK) i did a copy from my computer to the external drive so i can install windows 7 on my pc… everything cool and perfect 'till now… i could enter and see my documents… (note: i didn’t copied with the wd smartware program, i just did copy/paste on external drive, the one with 990 GB) and i checked to be sure that i have copied all of the data and cheked if works to copy back and use that data…) ok so i installed my windows 7 and i just wanted to copy all my folders from external drive to computer… installed the wd driver/program etc. but the external drive did not appeared… (H:990GB) my computer knows that i have connected the wd to pc and shows me that it is connect but tells me that has 0% usage and can’t restore any of the data… :expressionless: all my work for about 5 months day 'n night are in the drive… anyway i took a program called Wondershare data recovery and found all of my data on disk but cannot recover them because could not find the drive H: :expressionless: what can i do?!? 


p.s sorry for my english…

you should check wd’s kb about this, but as I understand it, smartware won’t recognize the backup on another computer.  when you installed 7, you basically created another computer.  so, it won’t retrieve the backup.  you’ll need to restore the data from the smartware backup into a folder on your pc, and then reorganize it in your documents folder.

Does the drive show up in Disk Management? Make sure the drive is not connected to a hub and is plugged into a port in back of PC. Are you using USB 2.0 or USB 3.0?


The thing is i cannot restore any backup … cuz my wd says that doesn’t have anything on him and to use the drive i need to format wd disk… 

P.s what does it means ‘wd’s kb’?