Huge error security to all devices

If you haven’t done so already, see the following WD Knowledgebase Article that appears to answer your question. Note the part in the directions where one creates/enters an encryption password.

Encrypting a RAID Volume on a WD My Cloud Device

  • The instructions in the article below are designed for encrypting a RAID volume on a supported WD My Cloud device. Please make sure to save and backup the encryption key and the original password. Without the encryption key or the original password, it is not possible to access the encrypted data that is stored on the WD My Cloud device.
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Thank You Bennor for that info,
it’s clear that even if the admin password is reset, still need the encryption key File / original password to mount the drive. I think this is the product that I need.

I’m just aware and find out about this admin password reset after my WDMyCloud upgrade to OS5, can’t access the dashboard and reset with 40s button.