HUBShock & Woodshop - 2 Themes in progress

This is HUBShock a theme I’m working on losely based on the game BioShock.  This is still in early development and I’m still working on the look of it, but I thought I’d share.


HUBShock Main Menu test download:  HERE.

This theme has had it’s development postpone for a little while.  It will be developed, but it is a time consuming theme and I am trying to get 2 other themes completed first.

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cool, can’t wait - i am a fan of themes…



Another theme I’m wrenching on:





See official thread HERE.

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Nice mate, that bioshock theme is badass

   Please dont let these go the way of Voodoo. While the wood theme is interesting, I think it might get old like the red curtain or the empty theater seats. The hubshock theme is truly awesome and like real artwork doesn’t get old after a few views. Not sure what you do in real life but you should be a graphic artist.

   Please include full-sheet Movie sheets with this new theme. I know I sound like an old broken record about this.

Both are cool but if I have to choose one I choose the HUBshock, I’d like to see more screenshots from that one :smiley:

Thanks guys,

Zam, just FYI, Voodoo is still going to be finished.  It’s just been put on hold for a little while.

As for Woodshop vs. HUBshock, both are going to be developed, so there’s no need to chose.  I’m really just trying to get more themes out there so that there’s a bigger choice of themes.

I will be getting some more screenshots together for HUBshock, but it is much more graphically taxing, so it will come slower than Woodshop.  Even the backdrop that I made for HUBShock is so detailed that I had to compress the image for the HUB to display it (apparently the HUB will not display a 2MB image for RV-BG.jpg).  To get the effect for the background I had to overlay nearly 14 seperate layers on top of each other.

I got the idea for Woodshop after visiting the Asus Eee Pad Transformer site (that’s were the background came from) and playing around with Androind Honeycomb.  I know that it is more basic, but that was the idea behind it.  But it should have some cool visuals once I’m done with it.

Hey tin how does that gallery view go. Looks cool as **bleep** im just wondering about the navigation. I use something similar which has 10 movies per page with movie details just like you have there and it can get a little laggy, i persevere with it though cause with a few thousand movies anything less than 10 per page just takes to long to scroll. Cant wait to see what soemone like you comes up with mate

Hey Crazy,

Thanks.  I’m not seeing any slow down in the navigation of the Gallery view.  You may be getting some lag depending on how many images you have displayed.   Not the number of thumbnails, but the overall images.  It could be also due to how you have the images set to display in the xml.  There are a lot of variables that can cause a slow down and without knowing the down falls you can cause a lag without knowing what’s causing it.

Hi TW,

I truly admire your enthusiam on the theming aspect side of things for the HUB, but sadly i do partly concur with Zamzicles comments.

I am finding it extremely difficult to critique your work, (as you are one of the original pioneers and MENTORS of such theming) but as we always say ‘this is my opinion only’.

Therefore may I politely summarised my opinion / critique as follows-

  1. Whilst i fully acknowledge your creativity upon the visual aspect of your theming, may i say that i find that the aesthetics do not entirely compliment the Hi-tech modern day aesthetics of  the technological viewing many people use to compliment their entertainment system.  


Well, as I do apprecitate your opinion, but as I develop these themes for my own personal satisfaction and only chose to share them with the community.

If a theme is not “hi-tech” enough for someone, they are free NOT to use it.  However, my main concern when creating a theme isn’t it’s hightech aesthectics, but to create something that has not been seen before (not just recreating something that someone else has already done)  that will work with the HUB and does not drag down the speed or usability.

The only thing that I can tell you though, is that if what I have done isn’t appealing to you, then feel free to create your own.

Dear Tinwarble

May i firstly publicly apologise for my somewhat, slightly critical comments last night [which was partly due to too much beer], which unfortunately meant that  I didn’t convey my thoughts as clearly as I perhaps could have.

So to hopefully clarify, may I say firstly that I do fully appreciate your continuing and invaluable support to this forum and may long this long continue!! Despite ones recent comments. :wink:

Secondly, I fully appreciate your concept of creating a theme based upon creativity and originality.

And finally I completely acknowledge all the hard work you put into creating such themes which takes so much time… [I am trying myself, (3 months on and off), - trial and error principles based on knowledged shared on this forum] 

Upon a successful realisation of my theme (WIP) i will share on the forum and hopefully I can accept any comments- GOOD or BAD. I will add though that i am not a photoshop / GIMP Guru, so i have had to improvise by downloading XMBC skins/ images  and modifying accordingly. … Which is Taking way toooo loong with my basic skills.


BTW I have found some ‘Hitech’ theme images based upon the ‘wood’ them if you are interested?


No worries.  I’m not thin skinned though, and always welcome “constructive” criticism, as long as it adds to the conversation.  But as I learned a long time ago “Beer posting” is usually a bad idea, as is most things that I have ever done where beer is involved.:smileyvery-happy:  That is, except for playing pool, for some reason I get better with beer.

As for the themes, the thing is that the HUB is not really that Hi-tech to begin with (it’s constructed with at least 5 yr old tech).  It has a limited amount of processing power and it’s image handling capability is not the great, so there is only so much that can be done anyway.  I also try to take into consideration how what I develop is going to be affected by all the multiple views and menus, since some of the theme images are shared across different menus and views.

Also, if you are trying to develop you own theme, then all I have to say is “good on ya”.  I encourage anyone with the gumption to do so, to create their own themes and I’m usually willing and make myself available to help (to a point).  I too didn’t know how to use Gimp/Photoshop until about a year ago, I just learned a little at time.  I would suggest though, if your wanting to learn, to check out the video tutorials on youtube, and start with simple things like “buttons”.

yeh, beer posting NOT advised!! :cry:

Handshake to you sir, no hard feelings i hope?

And thanks for your offer for help with the theming aspect. Much appreciated. Will take your offer up once i can find some time.