Hub won't show media content on attached NAS my world book edition 4TB

Okay, got my wdtv live hub media player back in january.  Worked flawlesly then.  It’s on my network, with a nas mybook world edition 4TB, connected with the  wdtv live wire, on it is wdtv live hub, wdtv live media player, and 1 mac computer.  I have restored to factory settings, up dated firnware, and it still says no content found.  I’m trying to get to my movies on my book world edition 4tb that is also on my network.  What do I do now to get my media streamed from the world edition 4tb to the wdtv live hub.  It was working fine before the last update.  Suggestions please?

Have you tried to downgrade the firmware of your WD TV?

Is this the only fix, or has someone found another salution?  USB thumb drives is one of the few things I don’t own.

ive tried it does not work  tried 2 times all i get when i go into movie file is "there is no media in the current folder i cant access it from my pc as it not in my network anymore like the HD just vanished spent hours putting films on it today

really not Happy !!

Try this, you’ll have to make sure you have your PC set to show hidden files.  Then from your PC open the NAS and look to see if you see a “.wd_tv” folder.  If you do, delete it, then unplug the HUBs power cord and plug it back in.  After it compiles see if you can navigate to your NAS files.