Hub vs WD TV Live SMP - Advantages vs Disadvantages?

I bought two WD Live SMP and considering getting the hub to replace one of the two.

Are there any hardware disadvantages using the hub? i.e. old technology inside the hub (slower, etc.?)

Main reason in wanting to get a hub is the 1tb available for custom themes vs 30MB for SMP.



cons - slower processor

pros - internal hdd

pros - works with external wifi adaptors

pros - DNLA media server

smp -

pros - faster processor

cons - no internal hdd

cons - does not work with wifi adaptors (built in wifi, IMHO is a bit lacking, particularly no 5ghz band)

however if your only reason to replace a SMP with a HUB is the 30MB limitation for use with linksheets

then you should really look into WDLXTV instead,

it’s really very very early stages right now, but does allow you to run any theme from a thumbdrive or hdd connected to the SMP

Does connecting a USB hdd to the smp allow you to use that storage space for larger themes?


drhoads wrote:

Does connecting a USB hdd to the smp allow you to use that storage space for larger themes?



yes, but only when done with WDLXTV from a cmd line

official firmwares don’t support it

see here

It’s too bad that we have to go through such extremes. Why doesn’t WD just allow us to expand the memory to a USB drive so we could use larger themes?

How stable is your homebrew firmware at this point for the SMP Gen.3?


Is the difference in processing power and other features a big deal to the hub?

i.e. Does it stream videos at the same rate as the SMP?

Slower menu response?

Thanks and sorry for so many quesitons.

I don’t have a hub to compare

but in general, I doubt that I would notice any difference in processing power

streaming wired, there would be no difference

wireless streaming, would be dependant on which adaptor you use with the hub

it’s possible to do worse than the SMP, but also possible to do better in regards to wireless streaming

as for the homebrew

it’s extremely early stage right now