Hub to ps3 streaming problem

i can’t stream .mp3(music) to my ps3, .mkv(video), .mp4(video) and some .jpeg(photos). The PS3 can see my hub but when i click play in music it starts but no sounds coming out and some shows file not supported weird because i know ps3 supports mp3. In video when i click play it display black screen and i waited and nothing happens only black screen. In photos some of them shows up other won’t it says file not supported. I’m testing this using the sample media files in the hub’s internal hard drive. Please Help Thank You.

You might want to try this…

It is free and very well written and updated frequently.

Did you use the software recommend here? How your PS3 is connected to your network, wire or wireless?

may i know what software? i’ve been searching for a ps3 thread and found no soulution to my problem that’s why i created a new topic. I’ve been streaming my hub to my ps3 wirelessly and i wasn’t able to play movies(only black screen), music(no sounds .mp3) and pictures (some are accessible and some are not. media not compatible but the pictures are preintalled in the hub which are jpeg)