Hub telling WD Streaming it is Read -Only

I have the Hub in my living room with a 2tb external attached. I have a WD Streaming in my bedroom that gets content from the Hub. Prior to today, I have had no problem setting up media library for the Streaming. However, today I had a problem with the hub displaying four of every file, so I deleted out all of the metadata files to do a complete rebuild of the media library. When I went to rebuild the library for the Streaming, it said the hub is Read-Only, and it says the same for the external attached. Any suggestions?

I should also add that I am capable of moving, creating and deleting files from my laptop, so I suppose it is definitely not read-only. Maybe it’s a problem with the Streaming, not the hub. 

I’ve seen this behavior.  

Here’s what I did.

Go REMOVE the share from the SMP’s media library manager.

Then REBOOT the SMP.

Then Re-Add the share to the media library manager.

That may have been what it was. I cleared it, rebooted it. It still wouldn’t let the Streaming write to the genre folders on the drive. I tried adding the whole drive and it let me. After it started scanning, I removed the drive from the network media, and then it started letting the Streaming write to the genre folders as I added them. Thanks for the heads up