Hub only finds files upon Start up or if I insert a drive in USB

I have been setting up a mates place with the WDTV Live hub and have copied files from my hard drive (I use a WDTV mini)

When I intially power on the Hub it reads all files in Video and can play every file under TV and Movies, if I go back to the home screen and try to go back into the video file it comes up with the error telling me there are no files on the drive, but they show up in the settings.

If I plug a usb thumb drive or HD into it whilst it is compiling I can access the Hubs hard drive video file again.

I have also installed music on the Hub and that comes up everytime.

Slightly miffed at the problem, does anyone have any ideas?

Hi there, what if you press the source button on the Hub to force it to search for media on a specific place?