Hub okay but live not - same network shares

I have found similar issues here but not quite the same…

Vista Home Prem - Aztech router - d-link switch

I have a hub which has been working fine for a year or so, connected to two NAS, two PC and netgear EVA and the media library scans no problem…

I have just added a WDTVLIVE and I can not run the library scan on the two NAS… it just stays on compiling “forever”… with the white LED flashing… 

If I navigate to ANY file on the NAS(S) I can play it no probs…

I just can not get the media library to scan and to show all my media… WHY ???

once this is sorted a Q… should I be able to play the media stored on the HUB from the LIVE…?

cheers for any help or pointers


You’re in the wrong forum.

The Live (2011 model) forum is here:

The Hub forum is here:

…  but the problem you’re having may be this issue: