Hub Not Working with Direct Downloads

Hi All,

I am having strange problem with my hub. I have my hub in my home network and all the devices in my network communicate well with hub & vic-versa, i mean i can view videos/listen to music etc. from my ps3 & my pc thru hub. I can move data b/w pc & hub without any problems though its ridiculously slow.
My problem is i use jdownloader to download my content and i have set the default downloads directory in jdownloader pointing to HUB’s internal storage. But hub is not able to play this content (avi files) , i am able to stream it to and play it from my ps3 via Hub. The same exact file if i download it to my computer copy it to hard drive and i am able to play it in my Hub.

Secondly the hub hangs while trying to play this kind of files and then it doesn’t play the sample media provided with the hub as well, i have to power it down completely and then restart it to play files from external USB devices.

Did anyone have this kind of problem, Does Any one here directly downloads stuff to hub’s internal storage and was able to play them successfully.

I already exchanged the hub once and if this doesn’t work for me , i might consider returning the hub for good as the primary purpose of hub for me is to direct my downloads to hub’s internal storage via jdownloader ,if thats not successful then WDTV Live Plus is good for me.

Pls advice.

Can some one pls help me with this,

It may be how the AVI was encoded.  The AVI is just a container and it depends on the codec weather the HUB can play it or not.

Doubtful it’s an encoding issue; if it were, it would NEVER play.

This may be a dumb question, but are you sure that the file transfer is complete BEFORE you try playing it?

Yes , i am 100% sure file is transferred or downloaded completely before i try to play it