Hub Not Recognizing one of my 2 HDD


I Just got myself a Hub, I was using the Live TV Plus with my My Book Essential 2TB and my My Book Essential 3TB. When I changed the HDD to the Hub, it will only read one of the 2 drives and its internal HDD. Any Suggestion?

I tried Connecting my HDD back to my WD Live Tv Plus and they both work just fine.

Have you tried swapping the USB ports for the two external drives on the Hub to ascertain that it is not in the USB port connections?  At least you’ll be able to determine that both USB ports on the Hub are functioning properly.  I wish I icould offer more assistance.

I Posted This on other forum and was deleted because it referred to the Live HUB

So, here is another problem I’m experiencing with my live hub or my 2HDD WD My Book Essential.

When I turn off the hub, the HDD wont turn off the light remain blinking.