Hub + MyBook + MacBook

Okay, I’m not a techie kind of guy so I need some help here. I’ve got a hub (using that just fine now), and a MacBook (pretty good with it) but I’ve got virtually no experience with external hard drives. Just got this Mybook and I am going to back up all the stuff (pretty much all just video files) onto it from my Hub. Seems like it’d let me do that just fine, but I also want to use my MyBook down the line sometime as an external hard drive for my MacBook (possibly Time Machine it).

So my question is, should I do the steps for the Mac reformatting? I plugged the MyBook into my Mac straight outta the box and it popped up just fine on my system but I don’t know if that necessarily means there won’t be problems down the line still if I don’t reformat.

Also, I have heard the term partitioning but don’t know what that even means and I so don’t want to have to do anything with that, but let me know if I need to.

Basically, for my fellow WD/Mac users, is it better to use the MyBook as is or reformat it for Mac using the instructions that come with it?


If you don’t format it then you won’t be able to copy anything to it at all…