Hub keeps restarting randomly when connected to the network

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My WDTV Live Hub (with hard drive) keeps shutting down and restarting all by itself when connected via cable to my router. Quite annoying when watching a movie then having to fast fwd to find where i was before it happened. It doesn’t just happen while watching something though - can do it randomly on its own.

The easiest answer is just to unplug the network cable but quite annoying when you go to add something and forget the cable is out or want to stream from a laptop.

Has anyone had similar issues? 

Sorry to say this mate, but other users have reported this and the only solution so far has been replace the WD TV.

I had a similar issue a few months ago with my Virgin Superhub and I fixed it by amending the router settings as explained in the post below. No more random reboots.

Hey Guys

I had the same problem.  I seems to be fixed now.  Dont know why I did this…so don’t ask ;-) 

In desperation I went into my router settings and de-selected “use these DNS addresses” which I had selected previously  as I use a VPN service.  I checked “get dynamically from ISP” - Re booted router and WD Live TV and stone the crows it worked.  No more reboots but also no Hulu or netflix.

I went back in and re entered the DNS addresses for my VPN and did the re boot thing again and bugger me it all worked again - no more re boots (yet) and Hulu and Netflix are fine.

It seems it was some sort of network address conflict that would send the device into a re-boot loop.

Hope it works for you too.

BTW I use a Netgear DG something…(I’m at work and will edit for the exact model number later)