Hub keeps rebooting

I’ve had my Hub for 2 weeks and have been having an occasional problem. About once or twice a day (that I’m aware of) the Hub will just reboot itself. I will be watching a video, listening to music or using the TuneIn service and the Hub will just reboot. Even if it’s just sitting on the Home screen. 

I’m not really sure why this is happening. Other posts have suggested similar problems when running one of the Services but as I stated the reboots are random. This becomes a real problem when I leave the Hub copying over a large number of files overnight to find that the Hub rebooted during the night and lost the network connection. 

My videos and music are all accessed directly from the internal storage and it’s wired directly to the router. I’m running firmware 2.05.08 and am wondering if this is the cause.

Apart from this problem the Hub meets all my expectations. The Music UI needs a bit improvement but organising my videos has been a breeze once I got hold of  WDTVHubGen and the TVDB XML Fetcher.


Even though is not a permanent solution, try to rollback to the previous firmware. If this solve the issue then we need to escalate this issue to the WD technical support staff.

Thanks for the feedback.

Happy to try that but am unsure of what features or fixes I will lose by rolling back. Were there any major changes between 2.05.08 and the previous firmware version? Will the rollback adversely affect any of me media files?

No Joy.

I downgraded the firmware and the frequency of the problems seems to have increased. The hub rebooted itself 3 times over a 4 hour period. As this does seem to have resolved the issue i will upgrade the firmaware back to latest version.


I would get a replacement.

My Hub has never rebooted, unless Ive been seriously messing about with it.

Sounds hardware related, maybe something is getting too hot etc.

Have you tried the overkill reset.

Reset via the bottom paperclip button. Press for a couple of seconds and then release with the unit fully booted up.

Reset to factory defaults via the internal menu.

Unplug from power for some minutes (not seconds)

Do all 3 one after the other.

Note: You will lose any Get Content info that you have downloaded. It should not delete any of your files.

facing that problem too !!! i wonder what are waiting for me next.

I have the exact same problem. My Hub keeps rebooting when I am in the middle of watching a program, or basically whenever it fancies. It is well ventilated, so over heating should not be an issue. I have tried reverting to the previous firmware version, but it does the same with this too… so perhaps a hardware issue…

I’m stilling the issue even after trying the suggestions provided. It actually seems to be getting worse. I think I’ll see about getting a replacement box. 


Are you using IE9 as your post is blank.

I too have started getting this issue since the last 2 firmware upgrades - not yet rolled back to see if it makes any different but I am pretty sure the reboots are caused when other devices are on the network. I think there is some form of protocol handhsake that fails and bounces the box. I have a couple on Win7 laptops and it seems that the reboots only occur when one of these is also on the WIFI network. I am going to do a few experiments ie not have laptops on for a day or 2 and see if it does not reboot, then start using the laptops again… doing my head in

Definitely other devices on the Wireless network cause the Hub to reboot sporadically…but

I have founda  sort of related posting on another forum about Windows 7 / Vista devices causing some routers to reboot - the solution / cause wasTCP IPv6 and Link-Layer Topology Discovery protocols on the network adapters.

Some network devices can struggle with these protocols and hence can malfunction ie reboot them selves when Win7/Vista machines are present on the network using these. I wonder if the Hub is one of them? 

So I have disabled IPv6 and Link-Layer Topology Discovery on all adapters on all my Windows 7 laptops - so far so good no reboots for about 24 hours. Will keep experimenting…

I agree with you, RVolpe.

I think this is the problem. When I unplug the Hub from my network and leave it for 12 hours there is does not seem to be any reboots. I plug it back into the Network and it reboots itself randomly again. I’ll make the same adjustments as you and see how it goes.


One of my Hubs does this and I made the IPv6 adjustments on my Win 7 laptop (the only one) but my hub still randomly re-boots itself, very annoying and WD support is as much use as T*ts on Fish :angry:

I had a similar problem, my hub would reboot a few times a day, normally once or twice when I watch a 2 hour movie.

I then went on holiday for a week, so I took the hub to the villa, so it was unplugged from any network, I watched 2-3 films a day on average, so about 15 films in total, not one reboot. When I returned home, I plugged the hub back on the network, and it started rebooting again, so the reboots look like they are caused when the hub is connected to my wired network using an RJ45 cable.

My main PC is Windows 7 and I have a laptop on Vista connecting wirelessly to the network, hub is onrelease 2.04.13.

Have a check to see if there are any settings in your router for UPnP, LINK

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Hi markinuk

Thanks for the reply, I also have a Virgin Media Super Hub in the UK, so I just set the UPnP  advertisement period to 1440 minutes as per your links advice, hopefully this will stop the reboots.



Oddly enough I have a Virgin SuperHub!

MMMMMM there seems to be a another common link here with the type of Hub?

Are those that are experiencing the random re-boots using Virgin superhubs?

I have 2 Hubs but only one seems to randomly re-boot itself and that is wired directly to the hub, the other goes via mains homeplug. Very puzzling, I might swap them around.

ecnirp wrote:

Hi markinuk


Thanks for the reply, I also have a Virgin Media Super Hub in the UK, so I just set the UPnP  advertisement period to 1440 minutes as per your links advice, hopefully this will stop the reboots.





 Yep, that’s all I have done to cure my WD Live, or should I say “I hope it is cured” lol

Yep, I wondered about the Virgin Super Hub as well being the culprit, in the link markinuk above posted on reboots, quite a few of the people posted they had Virgin Super Hubs, seems a common link

Have you tried setting the UPnP settings on the Super Hub ?