Hub keeps losing access to network shares

Running the Hub with the latest firmware.  I also have a WD Mybookworld NAS.  What I am experiencing is every couple of days the HUB can no longer see anything on the network (it can still access the internet).  I restart the hub and it is fine again for a couple of days.  I also own a couple live + devices and they do not have this problem.  My laptop and PC never have problems accessing the NAS.  Has to be something with the HUB.  Anbody have any ideas what may be going on?

I just set up my Live hub and have already experienced this once…  Im wireless but it should work consistent at 10 fr away from the wireless AP.  Im using an older Simpletech Simpleshare… I dont get why you cant enter a static IP for a NAS server…  It certainly isnt a speed issue as I can stream 1080i from the NAS and watch without a hiccup…   I gave up trying to find it at 11pm last night… woke up, tried it again and it was there…  I hope this doesnt keep happening.

I have the same problem. I’m using a CAT 5 Ethernet connection to a NAS. Right in the middle of a video , the WD loses connection to the folder. I find if I back out of the folder and restart, then reconnect via Windows Shares , I can reconnect (most times). Sometimes it takes several tries. It didn’t do this right out of the box, but randomly started about two months ago. Not sure why I can’t find my NAS via Network Shares.

Any thoughts?